Your Turning Me On.

Welcome To Your Turning Me On, I hope you Guys and Girls like what you are seeing on here. Just some stuff I ran into that was Turning Me On. So yeah. Nothing big happening here. Feel Free to Ask Me Anything and Submit Pictures.

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Your Turning Me On

Anonymous: What's the biggest dick you've had?



Anonymous: What turns you on the most?

A deep voice & a nice chest

Anonymous: You said you had a story. Where is it? Lol.

LOL. I know I said that, I didn’t forget calm down, but I have to write it for y’all it should be up later tonight just let me write.

Anonymous: I'm glad that you're back!!!!!

Aw thank you!


It feels good to be back on.


Anonymous: So are u going to finally do the deed with your teacher on graduation night?

Bitch yes, The last day of school I’m gonna tell him how I feel about and if I don’t (Because I might bitch out) I’m gonna send him these stories I wrote about him. LOL

blackmalebeauty: What you want your followers like me to ask you boo???

Baby you can ask me A N Y T H I N G that comes to your mind.


YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!1!111!!1!!